Killer content for Baller Brands. 

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We create stellar imagery and dynamic content for our clients, with a focus on building recognizable brands.

Watt Second is a dynamic creative studio founded by a world-class Photographer (Roo) and a world-classier Creative Director (Emily). With their powers combined, there is nothing they can't do... but a few things they do better than others. Roo and Emily are really good at creating on-brand visual content and distilling a brand's visual identity.  They built Watt Second to be an adaptive, affordable and fully custom studio, specializing in creative execution for retail and apparel brands.

We’re meticulous but laid-back, accomplished but adaptable, and we love what we do. 


Just a sampling of recent work...



Fully custom ecommerce photography, built specifically for your brand is what Watt Second is all about. From start to finish every piece of the puzzle is designed around your brand and your retail needs, including style guides, lighting direction, set design, image optimization, keyword tagging, product demo videos, and so much more. 



Not only are they good at executing campaigns, but Watt Second is well versed in the dark arts of brand strategy, concept creation / ideation, photo art direction, influencer management and social media engagement.


Watt Second really shines when working on campaigns. Whether they are holistic brand campaigns with multi channel / platform end use, or a seasonal social campaign - whether in studio or on location, Watt Second can take into account all your business needs and create deep, engaging, and on-brand visual narratives.



Lookbooks bridge the gap between the merchandising needs of ecommerce and the marketing value of campaigns, while still getting to the heart of the brand voice for any given season. This is an area that Watt Second has extensive experience with, working for both major and emerging brands to create imagery that both inspires and educates.


Yeah. This is Us.

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All day. Every day.

What started as a conversation between friends about what modern retail brands really need, quickly grew into one of the best damn content studios around. As Watt Second, Emily & Roo bring their combined 35+ years of creative collaboration, photography, video, strategy and process to create content for national and regional brands.

Cool sh*t. Good people.

We’re looking to do cool sh*t with good people. So, if you’re good people who want to do cool sh*t, let’s talk about that!


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