Best damn Little Daylight Rental Studio in Town. 

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Watt Second Studios is small but mighty!

Watt Second is a dynamic creative studio space built to be an adaptive, budget-friendly, yet fully custom environment for photographers to get the most out of their studio time.  Built by photographers, for photographers. We know how you need to work efficiently for your clients, keep costs down, and still have a space with personality. And make no mistake, Watt Second is not made for 20+ person crews… unless you reeeeeeally like each other. Watt Second is a space made to support small to medium-sized productions with high-end details. 

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1600sf of gorgeous natural light.

We like big light and we cannot lie. With three 12.5’ wide and 8.5’ tall casement windows, how could we not?! Our east-facing windows give the best of both worlds with crisp direct light in the morning and soft even light in the afternoon. And all the windows are rigged to support multiple modifiers… and we know that some projects need consistent artificial light too, so the windows can also be blacked-out if your project needs it. The studio has also been wired for light industrial applications, so bring those big Profoto 10 packs and fire away!

Set up any way you need it.

We’re here to support you if you need us. No, we don’t mean like that Thursday group meeting… although we’re always happy to listen. We’ve built our business to cater to yours. Just need a space to shoot? No prob. But if you need more, we can handle everything from full shoot production to meeting space, and just about everything in between. All you need to do is ask.

Watt Second Studios is also set up in an agile, but barebones way. With over thirty years of combined experience in the industry, we know what you really need & what you don’t. So the studio is adaptable in a huge way, ready to be reconfigured for the workflow you want. And while we kept our equipment on the skinny side, we have access to the best rental gear you could ask for, and can have it ready and waiting for you on your shoot day.

$450 - Full Day (10hr)

Prelight / prep time is available for the evening / day before your shoot for an additional $200 (subject to availability). And equipment rentals can be booked and scheduled through us… just tell us what you need, we’ll get you a quote, and then it will be here ready for your shoot day!


Come Play!